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Whats your range ?

Before your nomadic mind starts wandering in the wild thinking about all the sorts of ranges in life, let me pause you right there and pull you back in to the real world. I am not talking about your size range, or your price range, i am talking about a very different kind of range. Let me paint a picture! You go in a really cool party at your friends place and meet a new person. You both really hit it off very well, so much that you already have a date planned with that person in the next couple of days. You both meet at a really nice hotel, sitting near the window with candles lit on one side and lovely waves hitting the shore on the other. The moon is bright, shinning and smiling from the top sitting on the bunch of some grey clouds. The sky feels like an artist's painting. A cork pops open from a rare champagne bottle and the wine is slowly trickling down the glasses to begin the evening. He starts talking about all his cool experiences in the past that are blowing her awa

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